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High Reliability Level 5

Marzano High Reliability Schools (HRS) are based on the work of educational researcher Dr. Robert J. Marzano. The HRS framework provides a systematic approach for schools to achieve five levels of reliability, with Level 5 being the highest level of achievement.

To be designated as a Level 5 Marzano High Reliability School, a school has demonstrated mastery in all five levels of the framework:

  1. Safe and Collaborative Culture (Level 1):
  2. Effective Teaching in Every Classroom (Level 2
  3. Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (Level 3):
  4. Standards-Referenced Reporting (Level 4):
  5. Competency-Based Education (Level 5):

Level 5 schools have transitioned to a competency-based education model where student progress is based on mastery of specific knowledge, skills, and competencies rather than seat time or age-based grade levels. This allows for personalized learning experiences tailored to individual student needs and ensures that all students can progress at their own pace.  Achieving Level 5 status as a Marzano High Reliability School indicates that the school has successfully implemented and sustained all aspects of the HRS framework, resulting in a high level of reliability and effectiveness in promoting student learning and success.